Armidale Aero Club Inc



                                                                         LIFE MEMBERS

Errol Mansell Steinhardt is a foundation member from February 1970. A Licensed Pilot, Errol is a past President, Secretary and Treasurer. Life Membership on 27th November 1993.

Clive James Waterman is a member from February 1974. A Licensed Pilot and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer responsible for maintaining the Club aircraft. Life Membership on 14th September 1989.

John Peter Nicholls is a member from April 1986. John is a Past President, Secretary, Treasurer and Committee Member. Life Membership on 14th August 1999.

Phillip Beard is a member from December 1988. Phill is a Past President and Vice President and is currently a Committee member. Life Membership on 13th December 2003.

Dr. Arthur Beresford is a member from November 1992. Arthur has held a Pilots License and is a Past Committee Member. Life Membership on 27th November 2004.